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Do you want your baby room to inspire every day?

when it comes to adding something special to your walls, we’ve got your artistic interests art.


your ultimate decorating destination for colorful and imaginative wall murals for kids, wall art desings,pictures. If you are decorating a baby nursery or a child’s room and want a bold and beautiful environment for your little one, you’ve come to the right place.


We offer a variety of wall murals.


wall art with themes such as: Jungle Safari, Flower Garden, Forest, Transportation, Farm, Princess, Under the Sea, Owls, Outer Space, Pirates, Dragons, Bugs, Cats & Dogs, Forest, Dinosaur, Fairy, Family Trees, Noah’s Ark, Clouds and alot more...


we offer cards of birthday or we create  the one that you desire.




Policies of the company: 


- Kids World is a company dedicated to the design of interiors in the area of decoration of quarters for children, we  called “art in walls”. The company elaborates works for the upper middle class at national level.




· What is?  for what  it serves: Kids World is a oriented innovating company to the design in walls of rooms for children. The decoration of a quarter for children is divided in two ages: decoration for quarters of children new born until the three years and from the three to the eleven years. As company we guarded by the satisfaction of the father through the happiness of the boy, reason why our goal is to obtain that the boy manages to feel like comfortable in his dormitory, that adds a personal touch to him to that space that represents its tastes, the comfort, its place of entertainment, communication and thus it happens to be the most important part of its house.


• Operation:


To offer the best solutions of modern and infantile design, taking into account psychology from each boy and guaranteeing to the client an precise work and of quality. 


• How it acts:


• Contact of the direct client to the company.

• Elaboration of proposal on the part of the client.

• Detailed quotation.

• Elaboration of the design in format of image JPEG.

• Cronogram (what leaves from the work was carried out day to day) e                     Information on the personnel involved in the project.

• Approval from the client.

• Execution.

• Delivery of the project and cancellation.


• Real price: This it varies according to the necessities of raw material, the magnitude of the project to make.


Extension of range:


Kids World offers services of:- Design of interiors in rooms for 0-3  years old.

Design of interiors in rooms for 3-11 years old.